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UniversalDoctor Speaker Web

UniversalDoctor Speaker Web is a robust medical translation web app tailored for healthcare professionals and facilities to communicate effectively with foreign patients speaking different languages.

Our application facilitates multilingual medical visits and helps improve healthcare communication with foreign patients by enabling healthcare professionals to communicate with patients in their own language and overcoming language barriers to care.

UniversalDoctor Speaker is available as a web application accessible from almost any browser on any device and as a mobile application on the Android and iOS platform accessible on smartphones and tablets.



Tailored for Doctors & Hospitals

  • Tailored for use by doctors and healthcare professionals, particularly in hospital settings
  • Can be implemented and used freely within a healthcare facility intranet, requiring no log-in
  • Content is organized to facilitate medical visits and medical history-taking, with chapters covering: patient admission, immediate medical needs, medical history, symptoms, physical examinations, diagnosis and treatment

Large Database of Verified Medical Translations & Audios in over 30 Languages

  • Offers over 5000 medical phrases, explanations, questions and answers translated into over 30 languages
  • Audios by native speakers allow patients with disabilities to benefit from the service
  • All content has been carefully reviewed by medical professionals and professional linguists, as well as approved by different medical associations

Continuous Customization

  • A continuous customization service is offered with near real-time updating through the additions of new translations/audios and new content modules as requested

Other Key Features

  • Comprehensive search function allows you to find the exact phrase you need at the right moment
  • Print health advice in patient’s language
  • Shortcut or quick access screens for specific modules or content areas such as allergies, symptoms, medication, pain, etc.


UniversalDoctor Speaker Web is a great complement to the irreplaceable work performed by translators and over-the-phone interpreters. Our application doesn’t aim to replace them, instead we aim to provide medical translation support when they are not reachable.


How to Buy:

Get UniversalDoctor Speaker for your hospital or clinic through an annual subscription. Prices vary in line with the number of languages chosen for the healthcare professionals and patients, as well as the size of the institution. Click the Contact button above, tell us which languages you'll need, and we'll get back to you with an offer.

We’re also able to design a completely customized implementation for your institution that covers all your requirements, including integration within the existing triage system or specific content for use within a particular department. Contact us for more details.