UniversalDoctor develops an extensive range of tools and projects that facilitate communication between health professionals and patients from different backgrounds. We work to make communication easier and draw on multimedia technology and leading professionals to implement projects that contribute to intercultural and multi-language understanding.
Our team and collaborators on different UniversalDoctor sub-projects.
Dr.Jordi Serrano
Founder of UniversalDoctor
José Luis Eguía
Professor in U.P.C
Zuzana Svak
Multilingual Project Coordinator
Cathrine Rysst
University Oslo
UDoctor Norway
Victoria Barlassina
UDoctor Argentina
Dr. Ali Elnawawi
UDoctor Egypt
Lluis Bernabé
UDoctor Pacific
Engin Turna
UniversalDoctor Turkey
Dr. Maldonado
UCM's teacher
Dr. Ramos Lázaro
Internal Medicine
Dra. Marta Ruiz
Barcelona Media
Mohamed Moutawakil
Arabic Translator
Lynda Trevitt
English Translator
Vasiliki Koui
Greek Translation Consultant
Henk Mayer
Dutch translator
J.A. Rodriguez
Lewis and Carroll
Dr. Villanueva
General practitioner
Javier Muñoz
Clinical Psychologist
Anca Bodzer
Multilingual Project Assistant