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Welcome to the iGive2 community!

Hi and thanks for using iGive2! As a commitment to you we are going to show and explain what is the iGive2 project and who is behind this project.

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iGive2 is a project developed thanks to funds of an European H2020 grant inside a call named Ledger belonging to the Next Generation Internet consortium.


iGive2 was born in 2019 thanks to the collaboration of Universal Doctor and iBreveteams.


The objective of this Project is to build a platform to help researchers and citizens/patients to manage & prevent chronic diseases. 


We are building a secure, transparent and GDPR compliant (Data normative) platform to allow you to collect and decide about your own data. So rather you have a chronic disease or you want to prevent them using iGive2 you are now an active part of the solution.

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You are the only owner of your data in the iGive2 platform. Only you have the key to decide who can access your data.

Researchers make our life better with their research and with iGive2 we wanted to develop a platform for them as well. People who has signed an informed consent and has accepted in the App to share specific data for research purposes can share relevant data with researchers. All data shared with researchers will always pass a process of pseudonymization. Researcher will get the data but never be able to relate it with you.  

If you have NOT signed an informed consent AND accepted to share data with a research group your data will NOT be accessible for anyone but you. 

Our Team

Universal Doctor is global health expert Company. They have developed several software solutions to fight against diseases worldwide collaborating with WHO.

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